Mark Selby ...... VP of Sales.......... Mobile TV & Music Nokia



Mobile TV: The Next Big Thing?

Bringing Television to the Mobile Space – The DVB-H Standard

Mobile TV is undoubtedly one of the most exciting areas within the mobile industry at the moment. Not only does it bring a familiar and popular medium to the mobile space for consumers, but it also heralds a range of new revenue opportunities for both the mobile and broadcasting industries. Strategy Analytics predict that mobile firms will have about 50 million users of mobile TV by 2009, generating an estimated £3.5bn in revenue. READ MORE


John Blake, Head of VoIP, BT Global Services



The Time To Invest in VoIP?

When household names such as Cisco, Motorola, Microsoft, BT and Nokia hit the mainstream media with plans to unite mobile telephony and the internet, the world should sit up and take note. But is it time to do more than just test the water? Let's face it, mobile phones cost organisations a great deal of money. In part, it's because calls are more expensive. That's not a problem when people are working away from the organisations offices – the ability to keep in touch delivers benefits that offset the additional costs. Read More

Intel's Joe Nardone

Joe Nardone ..... GM WiMAX Div .. Intel Corporation



From Wi-Fi to WiMAX

The demand for high-bandwidth networking is already driving acceptance of fixed WiMAX products. The imminent arrival of products that meet the recently ratified standard for mobile WiMAX connectivity will provide even more exciting opportunities for broadband wireless communications, says Joe Nardone. While deployments of fixed wireless broadband networks based on the WiMAX standard have been implemented in many countries over the past year and a half, the ratification in December 2005 of a new IEEE standard (802.16e-2005) that will enable ... READ MORE


Frank J. Fink of Freescale

Franz J.Fink....... Senior VP& GM Wireless Mobility Freescale


Are We There Yet? The Road to 3G and Beyond

Depending on which part of the wireless industry you're in, and especially what continent you live on, you may think that we've already arrived at the 3G destination. And you're right, sort of. 3G is definitely here, but on a smaller scale than many would prefer. North America still lags in overall 3G adoption, with far fewer operators than in Europe or Asia —yet some North American carriers such as Cingular are already ahead of the pack, rolling out trials of 3.5G services such as High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). The goal is to create widespread 3G adoption and lay down a path to higher speeds, better handsets and (we hope) consumer happiness. How do we do that? The market just needs a few innovations. MORE






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