Engineer Saud bin Majed Al-Daweesh
President & CEO
STC Group
Being the largest telecom services provider in the region, STC has and ever keenness on achieving the aspirations of its customers through the provision of the state of the art in communication services and information technology. We are pumping investments of more than $ 1.3 billion a year to raise the reliability of the Saudi market’s services. After we have managed to meet all the Saudi market’s needs, we aimed to internationality in deliberate pace. ..Read More

Matt Bross
Ex-BT Group CTO
The telecoms industry has been doing business with addresses rather than people for over 100 years but we are now seeing a fundamental shift taking place which is being accelerated by the global liquidity crisis. We have already seen a shift from narrowband into broadband. We have heard and talked about innovation moving from corporations into the digital living room, but I believe innovation is now centred around the person, regardless of whether it is into our home or not. ....Read More

BT embraces this emerging global model through open innovation and we work with a variety of strategic partners – such as HP, Cisco, Oracle and SAP.  Through these partnerships we have extended our global reach, accessed new customers, and broadened our service scope across our client base. BT’s partners have benefited similarly. The global liquidity crisis has overshadowed the impact Web 2.0 is having catalysing business model change; effectively shifting the balance between supply and demand and creating a legion of “pro-sumers” [producers/consumers]. We know the Web provides an alternative, and often substitutional, channel to market for goods and services. At the same time the Web has grown up with a culture of low, or in most cases, zero cost to users. In order to buck the trend of ‘everything is free on the Web’, service providers must provide something of real value to customers; good examples being Apple’s iPod and iTunes which have created value through innovation, despite a background of growing online music piracy.

. ...Read More



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