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Hakan Eriksson - CTO Ericsson

Håkan Eriksson
SVP and GM R&D
Chief Technology Officer
Mobile broadband is evolving quickly and will soon provide extremely high performance, almost comparable to today's fixed VDSL and optical access. Data rates 10-20 times higher than today's, and practically no latency, will give users what could well be called a “killer experience” ...Read More

Andy Zimmerman

Andy Zimmerman
Managing Parner
It is a time for the carriers to take stock of their assets and the world around them to re-position themselves for the next growth spurt in digital technology. One consequence of a massive-networked world is that devices need no longer be self-contained. They can physically reside in one location, their associated data can reside in another ...

The Apple iPod, with its links to iTunes and its PC- or Mac-based controls -- which we call a "Smart Panel" -- is one of the earliest examples of Trivergence. Other examples are a new Kodak camera that automatically dumps its images to the user's PC when passing a wireless hotspot; Medtronic's latest pacemaker that sends live heart data to a website; and a Korean appliance maker that lets owners control their washing machine from the Internet.

Unfortunately, the wireless carriers have been slow to adopt Trivergence. One way they could deal with the complexity of their service is to replicate the cellphone's controls on a web-based Smart Panel that lets users manage their contact lists, set features, manage stored messages and photographs, purchase content, etc. The larger and more capable browser interface would do much to clarify and to enhance the user experience. We know, because Accenture's Innovation Center mocked up a Smart Panel of this type and almost everyone in the focus groups...Read More



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